the Yucatan & Casa Hamaca
Hey, Mom! What's for dinner? 
I wish I had photos but I don't. So you will just have to use your imagination. Jenny, Carlos and I were driving on some country back roads early this afternoon. When we passed a bicycle, I noticed the rider was holding a small piece of tree branch on which was a hornets nest. I asked Carlos what use the nest would be to the man. For the paper? As a fire starter? What?
Carlos smiled and said "buen comida" or "good eating". The volleyball-sized nest would provide enough wasp larva to feed about six people after the larva had been removed and toasted on a comal (a type of frying pan). Eaten with green chiles and handmade tortillas... a real feast. Even Jenny who doesn't eat a lot of things, seemed to almost licking her lips. They called it "ek"...which sounded to me the same as the Ek in Ek Balam. Mayan is a tonal language somewhat like Chinese. So what sounds to me all the same...ek... means, with different tones, "black" or "shining star" or "toasted wasp larva". It is only a certain kind of wasp that is eaten this way. So I told them, I would like to try it when the opportunity presents itself.

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Report from the Jungle 
Have returned from the jungle with interesting findings. I need 3 folks with $10K each (plus my $10K). We can purchase this property & have almost $20K in working capital. First year return estimated at a minimum of 9.42%. We will be working with a permaculture concept of sustainable agriculture, harvesting a moderate amount of a variety of crops as varied as roofing palms & orchids. If you are interested in reading the report, let me know and I will email it to you. My direct email is

I took a few photos but did not bother to post them because it just looks like jungle...
no outstanding trees, rock formations, etc. The only "thing" on the property is the old well.
It is a dug well and about 20 meters deep.

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Off to the Jungle... again. 
Tomorrow's plan (if the rain is not too hard): off to the jungle to look at a piece of property of about 87 hectareas (200 acres). It's all monte alto (high forest) that hasn't been touched for over 40 years so there should be some big trees on the property. No electricity but there is a natural well. And because it is a natural well, it could led to a domed underground cenote. There are also at least two reyolladas (terminal phase of a cenote... usually a dry cone-shaped depression, sometimes over 100 meters across or +110 yards or a little longer than an American football field). Reyolladas are interesting because most of their area is below ground level; they're filled with good, fertile soil, often have old-growth trees, often have unusual trees/plants because of their protected situation and sometimes have interesting wildlife as well. Plus the apex of the cone (is that the correct geometric term?) is usually less that 10 meters from water and is a good spot to dig another well. I am taking my GPS and my digital camera as well as my machete and ropes and going with the owner's son and two friends of mine, one of whom is a cave diver to help access the well potential. Who knows what the day will bring?

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Expat Daily News Central America: Expat Interview with Bed and Breakfast Owner Denis Larsen 
Here's the link to the interview.

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Notes from 1955... OMG that's 55 years ago! 
Just reread this quote from the science fiction novel "Cities in Flight" (about 1955) by James Blish. I read this novel when it was first published.

"Under the relentless pressure of competition from the USSR and its associated states, the Earth's Western culture had undertaken to support a permanent war economy, under the burden of which its traditional libertarian political institutions were steadily eroded away. By the beginning of the twenty-first century it was no longer realistically possible to see any difference between the rival cultures, although their outward forms of government continued to be called by different names. Both were police states in which the individual citizen had lost all right to juridical defense, and both operated under a totally controlled economy. In the West, the official term for this form of public policy was "anti-Communism"; in the East it was called "anti-Fascism," and both terms were heavily laden with mob emotion. The facts of the matter, however, were that neither state was economically either fascist or communist, and that as economic systems neither fascism nor communism has ever been tried in recorded Terrestrial history."

The USSR went away, but the USA are (sic) still in a war economy and eroding more individual rights every day... little by little so that most of us don't even notice the loss. And "mob emotion"... just read the paper/internet and/or the TV news any day of the week. Maybe they haven't yet heard in Washington that the USSR dissolved some years ago. Or, just maybe, we have had to find a new global evil to justify our actions and priorities and prejudices.

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