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      • What's Past is Present (Part III)

        In almost every place I have lived or traveled to, a rock was just a rock. In Montana the rock might have a bit of agate or quartz in it. In North Carolina, perhaps, a bit of mica. In Yellowstone Park there was obsidian. But basically they were just rocks. Something to skim across a pon

      • What’s Past is Present (Part II)
        The Thrill of Discovery: There's Old Stuff All Around Us

        “Eureka! I’ve found gold!”
        I don’t remember if those were my exact words since I was only about 11 years old at the time, but I know I was very excited. I had found a rock with a vein of glittery, shiny, gold.

      • What’s Past is Present (Part I)

        On of the reasons that Valladolid first grabbed me was the age of things. The antiquity and the history of so many of the colonial buildings blew me away. And underlying the colonial history was the realization that the Mayan people had lived here for a very long time before the Spanish

      • Some Internet privacy concerns: things I forgot…but the Internet didn’t.
        Every so often I do a name search on Google or Yahoo to see where Casa Hamaca stands in their rankings. Today after I ran the Casa search, I ran a search on my name; Denis Larsen.

        When I just typed in Denis Larsen the results were (on Google) about 1,470,000. I thought that was too many

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